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Downloadable ROM file for use with a GameBoy Color emulator and AnaloguePocket. Also available as physical cartridge release, with a special LED inside the cartridges for GBC/GBA/AP.


The world can be a dark place...

Light up your life, 

with a little help from - BULB!

"It can be tough going through life as an unplugged light bulb - When you're made of glass, you got to watch carefully where you step.. You got to learn how to make a jump, and also how to take a fall..."

Are you able to get the special power up and win the evil boss battles.. 

And save the whole neighborhood from impending doom?!

The game will play on any modern device that can run a GameBoy Color emulator! You can download the "GBC ROM" and play it on your favorite hardware or emulator. 

Or you can download the "Pocket ROM" file for use with the Analogue Pocket, and play the game on the new handheld hardware!

We got special GameBoy Color cartridges available that's got a custom built PCB boards with a built in LED-light that flash and lights up when you play and use the in-game lights. The hardware PCB game board is built and developed by insideGadgets.

Physical carts are available (on demand) in the shop right here: 


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$3.99 $1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BULB! v2.5.gbc 512 kB
BULB! v2.5.pocket 512 kB
BULB-posters&magazine.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Make a Demo

I'd also like to test the first few levels.



just stumbled upon your game, looks sooo fun, definitely gonna purchase the cart! quick question, is there a manual included with the game or somewhere i can download one and print it? 

Thank you for the support! Sadly, no manual have been made for the game..

one other question, i understand ur not restocking them with the box, just wondering if when i buy the carts if i could get the pngs that were used on the box so i could make a case for my copy? 

Yeah sounds doable! Send a message with your order and ask for the box files.

cool! Tysm!

If all else fails, send me a message and I will hook you up!

Any chance there will be a restock of the cart with the box? 

The special LED light-cart is still for sale, although the boxed version have sadly been discontinued. But there might be another limited run in the future. Keep an eye on our socials!


Such a cool cart design! Any plans on making a version for DMG?

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Thanks so much, the hardware is all insideGadgets.com

I have really been pondering the idea, even though I'm thinking of going with the NES console for a potential sequel, it would be a ton of fun in making another GB/GBC title more centered towards the DMG crowd- for sure!


This was a really fun puzzle platformer! It felt like playing an official GBC game that released back in 2000. Thank you so much for making Bulb, and I hope you can make even more fun Game Boy games in the future! 🙏

Thank you for the nice comment! Knowing people are enjoying my little game this much is just amazingly heartwarming!

just something I wanna say.

I think it'd feel better if jump is Z and run is X by default. This is because that's how other games do this control scheme.

Thanks for the feedback.

But I will keep it this way for all my games. Like the original Nintendo controller setup have always been left button = run, right button = jump.

I see. Well, it makes sense on a game controller, but on a keyboard, I jump with Z and run/shoot with X.

Maybe you can give an option for different/edit control schemes.

I struggle with the game a lot due to my muscle memory.

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You can use a controller when playing it right here on itch or any emulator.

will there be a restock of the cartridge, just getting into development and found this would love to have it physically

Yes. The shop regularly restocks with small amounts of carts from time to time. But you can sign up and get an email notification when new carts are available.


I don't find the link for the demo.

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I'm sorry, but there is no demo version available for this game. But you can play it for free right here in your browser, or you can buy the digital download to play the ROM file on any device compatible with a GBC emulator.

I hope you enjoy!


Must play game for gbc, and the cart has the coolest gimmick. Grate dev.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy the game!


Love the mechanics you've implemented here. Easy to figure out but has a nice learning curve with obstacles and enemies. Definitely some nice looking cutscenes too.

I'll be designating some time to play more of this and other GB Studio releases soon!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Cartridge release is right around the corner!


This was really fun to play! I managed to complete the first and second house.


Nice work! I'm glad you had fun with it.


Not sure how hard this would be but would you be willing to release this as a .pocket file? Would love to play this on my Pocket.

Yes, if everything works out as I have planned! And thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I just uploaded the Analogue Pocket version!



Thank you!


this game can be really challenging and fun. The cutscene graphics are awesome. Really good idea for a game gimmick


So I was playing this and had a dumb idea, on a potential cart release an LED that lights up the cart when the lights are on vs off. Either way love this game.


that would be kinda awesome. No idea how it would be done but maybe someday

So glad you love the game!!
And that is a great idea about the LED light inside the cart - I actually had this idea myself, but for now, I think it will have to be something I consider for the sequel instead of this release!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and spreading your love!


Finished the first house in Bulb, an so far I really enjoy the gameplay and graphics, both are great & clear - and after getting used to the "darkness" mechanic it's quite an entertaining concept! I can see that carrying the game for a couple of houses. My main gripe so far would be the music, which could really use some work, I do feel it gets annoying relatively fast, unfortunately. A good soundtrack would go a long way in improving this to one of the better Indie-releases!


Wow! Such a great game! Jammin' music.. incredible pixel art intro. I was into it completely. Lots of love put into it... I adore it's style also. Now I'm going to go back to playing it during work. Shh don't tell my boss.

Deleted 189 days ago

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the game!

Stay tuned for the final release..

Deleted 189 days ago

I'm planing on releasing the cart on my own. I haven't been in contact with any publisher.

Deleted 189 days ago

Sure - I have all the hardware and stuff I need to do it. I just have to finish the game at this point!

Deleted 189 days ago

Thank you very much!

this is made with gb studio right? how'd you made it .gbc file?

I just renamed the ROM file..

doing that in my pc doesnt seem to work


Very nice! Keep it up

This version doesn’t seem to have the feature where you can go back to the door to see the screen again. I miss that

Yea, that feature was something I added later - this is an older version.. A very old version in fact..! I'm going to release a major update very soon! Stay tuned!

ohhhh ok!


Love the idea, it's so cool !

Thanks! I'm working on finishing the levels for the 3rd house now, with a new game-mechanic! Hopefully I will have it ready soon!


This game is fun! I love the unique gameplay


Thanks, glad you like it!

More fun levels - coming soon!

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This demo was pretty great. I was one of the people who tested the first version (il call it the beta) of the game. And i was happy with all the new features that were added in this demo, like the bats which make the 2 last levels way harder. And there is a new light up feature which wasn't in the beta of the game. The game reminds me of those old platformer flash games. There was also a bug in the game where when you beat the game and you go to the menu some black parts turn white.

Thanks! Guess I forgot to reset some of the palettes when the game restarts.

(1 edit) (+1)

v0.5 edit:The game now has another level That is of the new house. The How to button on the menu finally brings you to the controles. And the game has more color. And i like all of this. I was pretty surprised that you added another move into the bulbs move set, which by itself is great.What i do find weird tho is that you did not edit the the v0.3 on the menu.But however all around i like this version and i'll wait with joy on the next levels in the game.

Thanks for your great comments! And I didn't even notice the version nr was wrong in-game! Will fix this right now! Good lookin out


I really like it, really nice concept and difficulty towards the end!

Glad you liked the demo! I'm going to add music, as well as many more levels and game-mechanics - Coming soon!